Terms and Conditions for Sellers (Shops)

islascanarias.shopping does not act as an intermediary in sale transactions and may not be sued in any manner whatsoever in relation to any purchases or sales carried out on its platform.

islascanarias.shopping shall not be liable for:

- the quality or the authenticity of the products displayed or sold on the e-commerce website;

- any problems concerning shipment mistakes or failure/misdelivery or non-delivery of the products purchased on the marketplace platform;

- any problems concerning non-payment of the purchased products;

- any problems concerning a possible temporary failure of the e-commerce website.

The customer undertakes to take every necessary and appropriate measure, with advance payment of the costs if necessary, in order to hold islascanarias.shopping harmless from any judicial or extrajudicial actions and claims made against islascanarias.shopping in connection with the publication of texts, photographs, videos and any other contents on the above-mentioned website.